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We have got all the necessary copyright permissions and professional insurance.

In your face?

We obviously have to point the cameras at you, but advanced light enhancing technology means that we don’t have to be in people’s faces to film close up. Professional videographers just blend in and are no more obtrusive than the photographer for obtaining maximum visual quality and minimum intrusion. The first thing you probably don’t want is wedding videographers in your face or your guests’ faces, right? If this is important to you and you are looking for a modern take on your wedding video then look no further.

Emerald Media Productions has a reputation for being one of the most unobtrusive wedding videographers in South Wales and has the testimonials to prove it. We are no more obtrusive than your photographer; we provide a modern take on wedding videos with our cinematic highlights film and documentary style ceremony and speeches - always filmed to a high standard.

Seeing ourselves as a high quality professional wedding videographers operating from a safe distance; we are able to capture Your Wedding Video Story as the day unfolds without you even noticing us any more than your photographer!

You will be so wrapped up in the excitement and emotion of your day and interacting with your guests, we just become part of the furniture.

Under your feet?

If Hollywood is coming to film, expect miles of cabling. But for a wedding filmed for personal use, built in batteries and the use of mono-pods are standard. So tripping up is less of an issue.

How many cameras are too many?

It’s not unusual to have three cameras film a wedding. Most professional videographers will aim to have two cameras in church to get a good range of close ups and ‘whole congregation’ shots at different angles but these will be positioned as far back as space allows.

Without a doubt one of our trades is how we can reflect each bride and groom’s unique personality in their wedding video and post production. This is achieved through creative choices and multi cameras, making sure we at Emerald media Production fits the style of the finished video to each individual couple, making it unique to you.

What about sound?

A professional videographer can make sure the sound is captured in High Definition using expensive radio mic’s, so close up filming is not necessary at the ceremony or at the speeches.

How much?

Much more work goes into post producing a wedding video than producing photographs, but the cost to have your wedding filmed is comparable. Dependant on the package booked, it normally takes a minimum of two, sometimes three videographers filming for between 10-15 hours, each using professional grade HD cameras and supplementary equipment. Post production then takes around 50 hours of editing.

PPL and MCPS licenses are required for most weddings to cover copyright along with professional liability insurance, of which the cost of this is included in the package prices, with Emerald Media Productions the price we quote is what you pay, with no hidden extras. You then have your choice of music that we purchase, cases, discs and printing that is also included so pound for pound it could be the best investment in your wedding.

Consent to be filmed, and children

In line with their code of practice, a professional videographer is required to issue a contract to the couple to sign which we included as part of the booking forms. By signing the forms, couples will state that everyone ion the day (participant or guest) has agreed or has no objection to be filmed.