Terms & Conditions


1)  By submitting the online booking form a contract has been entered into and a non refundable deposit of £50 is then payable to cover the costs of our time and administration, even if the booking is cancelled at any time after we receive the forms in the lead up to this stage. The remainder will be due 12 weeks before the date of your wedding.  
If the client cancels our services during the 8-12 week window then the client will be entitled to a 50% refund. If the client cancels within the 4-8 week window the client will be entitled to a 25% refund. If the client cancels within 4 weeks of the wedding date then the client will not be entitled to any refund. All refunds will be calculated based on the value of the total package including any optional extras. The wedding date shall be defined as the original wedding date that our services were booked and intended for. If you are eligible for any refund there will be a £20 administration fee to process such a transaction. Due to past clients not finalising the final payments and then cancelling, we reserve the right to re-book another client if full payment is not made with the final 12 weeks.


2) Our standard format is now Blu-Ray and online via your own password protected section on our website *Customer Screening Room, Blu-Ray is the best quality to relive your day as you remembered it. 


3) Live running, fast changing events creates situations that give no guarantee for perfect sound or vision, but we will always make every effort to foresee every problematic eventuality. To get the best sound quality at the ceremony, and where the camera may, under the request of the person in charge of the ceremony, be positioned at a distance that may impede the quality of the audio; with your agreement, a very small discreet, wireless lapel mic will be clipped to the left of the partners jacket to give us the best chance of recording high quality audio of the vows. If this is refused, we cannot be held responsible for the quality of this audio. However, we will do our best using high powered shotgun directional microphones. 


4) No warranty is given in respect of the quality of the original, reproductions (copies) or otherwise of the video, caused by any circumstances beyond our control including but not inclusive, the weather, reduced lighting in churches or hotels for example (we would not like to change the mood with extra lighting), liability is limited only to moneys paid or percentage there of. Copyright of video material, stills and any other images produced and recorded by Emerald Media Productions, remains the property of Emerald Media Productions, and may be used for promotional purposes unless you specifically tell us not to. For professional reasons, inline with most media companies, we do not provide the raw unedited footage to the client, but we do use all the best of it all in your videos.


5) Once the edit is complete, your videos will be available to review on line on your own web page before we burn the discs, any required changes will then need to be notified to us within four weeks of us sending you the password, after that period we will take it that you accept the quality of our work and are happy with the finished product. We only allow one set of changes after the review so please use the time to review thoroughly. Once these are made we cannot do any more unless extra editing time is paid for at £95 per hour. After the changes are made and approved, we will then move to creating your discs and arrange delivery. Once the wedding videos have been delivered and accepted as finished, after six weeks all the raw video will be deleted from our servers to free up space. However, for the purpose of burning new copies, the final disk image files along with the online HD videos will be retained and stored indefinitely or until the business ceases to operate and then may be passed to the client. 


6) While every effort is made to ensure full working order of equipment, breakdowns can occur. We do not accept any responsibility for any loss or damage to video material arising from unforeseen and exceptional circumstances of the breakdown or equipment failure or any circumstances beyond our control. We will always endeavour to have additional equipment with us at your wedding as a back-up. In this case, based on the impact of any failure or damage to the final production, a sliding scale refund of cost will be offered. 


7) Please make your other suppliers aware that you are having a wedding video. The client shall ensure that proper permissions have been received from all locations and personnel (i.e. places of ceremony/reception managers) before the wedding and to also make the venue’s aware that, risk assessment and weather permitting, use of a drone may be used to obtain aerial video footage before anyone arrives or during the wedding photo shoot. We will obtain all legal copyright licenses for viewing and these can be produced in advance upon request and of course we are fully insured. 


8) Our cameramen will be on location at least 90-120 minutes before the start of the wedding. If the 1st dance is being covered, once filmed we will have completed our work and will leave immediately after or by 8.30pm, whichever comes first, we will then leave you to enjoy the rest of your wedding evening in peace and relaxation.


9) Food is not expected for all day shoots, but if this is kindly provided this can be outside of function room as long as we are kept informed of any activities by the best man/woman or wedding planner. Please advise if the venue will be providing food. there will always be a minimum of two videographers and three on large shoots.


10) We may at our discretion, or if booked as an optional extra, use a drone / Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) to obtain some great ariel footage to enhance your wedding DVD. This will only take place dependent on our risk assessment using CAA guidelines along with the weather conditions. Except for some slight distance noise, you will not hardly notice this and it will only take a few minutes to obtain footage. This will be controlled by a CAA approved operator (PfAW), discreetly from another area away from the wedding. Please let us know if you do not want us to do this.


11) All deposits must clear before the wedding is booked. Payment can be made by any of the following; electronic bank transfer, cheque or cash and details are on the quotation page. 


12) It is inevitable that children and young adults will be in attendance on the day, it is the responsibility of the client to ensure that all parents and guardians are made aware that children under 18 years of age will be filmed and featured in background shots and/or solely filmed. The signing of this agreement exonerates Emerald Media Production and all partners from any legal implications of us filming minors. 


13) The typical wedding takes around 35-50 hours to edit, which equates into around 8-12 weeks for delivery, dependent on the time of year delivery may be quicker or could be slightly longer in peak times. 


14) *We reserve the right to withdraw the customer screening room if the need arises due to technical or third party reasons with our suppliers.


15). Brides and grooms preps when booked are at at one location each, meaning either beauty salon or home/hotel room not both.